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Thread: Pink Screen after upgrade - how to solve?

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    Pink Screen after upgrade - how to solve?

    Hi. Just made some updates to my system. Specifically:

    • Upgrade MythTV from .26 to .27
    • Upgrade Ubuntu / Mythbuntu distro from 12.04 to 13.04

    This was yesterday. As info, cable comes into a HDHR then to the computer. Signal is run from the computer via HDMI to the receiver. HDMI again from the receiver to the TV.

    Twice now (100% of the time), after turning on the receiver and the TV, the screen in "pink". Not solid pink mind you, but rather as if you were looking thru a pink screen at the tv. It's viewable from a functional standpoint but unacceptable for tv viewing.

    Restarting the computer fixes the problem; Logging out and back in (without a full reboot) does not correct the issue.

    Video card is on-board ATI 3200. I am using native drivers.

    Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? I didn't see any related threads.


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    Re: Pink Screen after upgrade - how to solve?

    As an update:

    Describing the screen color as "pink" was over-simplistic. To be more specific, white items appear pinkish (so white letters are now pink). The rest of the screen can be more accurately characterized as greenish.

    Doing some sleuthing:

    • Restarting the mythbox sets the video colors to normal
    • Logging out / in has not effect
    • Unplugging / replugging HDMI cable to TV has no effect
    • Cycling power on receiver has no effect
    • Cycling power on TV immediately impacts the color (from good to bad, specifically). So... aha!...hmmmm...
    • Unplugging / replugging HDMI cable to mythbox fixes the problem

    So now I have some isolation, but still not sure what the culprit is. My assumption is the operating system tweaked something since this is a new issue on an otherwise mostly steady 4yr-old system and the timing is 100% simultaneous with the upgrade.

    Can anyone replicate or speak to something similar?



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