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Thread: Start problems: Skype vanishes, alt+tab is slow and grouped, etc...

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    Start problems: Skype vanishes, alt+tab is slow and grouped, etc...

    Hey there,

    Until yesterday I used Fedora19, but then I decided to install Ubuntu 13.10 with Unity. I don't know why and I am starting to regret it more and more. I an not a Linux beginner, but a Ubuntu beginner

    1. When I start Skype and minimize the window, I have to go through the processes, end Skype and restart it (or open the Terminal and enter skype). On Fedora (with Gnome) there was an extension where you could see minimized apps in the task bar - I need this for Unity:
    GNOME Extension
    2. The common alt+tab is horrible, I can't wait 5 seconds everytime when I switch between 2 windows. I installed Compiz and did all the recommended things, but it still takes long time and the items stay grouped - I hated this when it first appeared on Windows Vista and I still hate it.
    GNOME Extension. My makeshift: I activated Ring Switcher on Compiz.
    3. Is there a a possibility to see all opened programs, like the Super button on GNOME? -->
    like this
    4. When I press the "start" button (Windows key), there are some special effects, where my PC is not able to handle them right, everything is juddering when it's opened - can I disable that? It is okay when it looks ugly, as long as it is fast.
    5. How can I but a VPN connection to autostart?

    Thanks, I am grateful for any help!

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