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Thread: Account Lost Now =(

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    Exclamation Account Lost Now =(

    I had the account The Physician, which I used for years but it wasn't tied to a SSO account. Now it's... gone? I lost all my beans! Nooooooooooooooooooo.

    Is there any way I can recover a forum account and link the username to my email?

    The current forum system is awful IMO, but I guess if it's harder to hack this time...

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    Re: Account Lost Now =(

    I presume you mean this account (no space):

    You will note that the ThePhysician account was last logged into on May 27th this year, five days after you created this Octoxan account long before SSO login was introduced. The ThePhysician account is not gone, it's simply that you used the wrong gmail in Ubuntu One when you first logged in via SSO. You used the gmail registered to the Octoxan account, and that is why you logged into it from Ubuntu One. All explained in the sticky linked from the pre-login notice.

    First thing: can you remember the gmail associated with the ThePhysician account? If you can, set it as preferred in Ubuntu One and then post back, at which point I'll disassociate this account from Ubuntu One, allwoing you to log in to the ThePhysician account from SSO.

    I will also disable this Octoxan account - forum rules do not permit duplicate accounts. Talking of which, there appears to be a third account which is yours, and linked to a separate Ubuntu One account: xan3. I will have to disable that as well.
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