I have switched from Thunderbird to Evolution a few weeks ago as I like it's calendar, tasks, and address book functions. While I was able to "fix" many of the issues I had with it by removing evolution-indicator, there is still one thing that bugs me above all.

Namely, I changed the "Message" view to show Status, Attachment, Subject, From, Date and I set sorting to "Date, descending" and no other sorting rules. Likewise, for the "As Sent Folder" View, I set it to sort by "Date, ascending" and nothing else. However, no matter what I do, add or remove field, add other sorting rules etc., in my Inbox some messages never ever appear in the order they should.

For instance, all the messages from MAILER-DAEMON@my-email-host.example are at the very bottom of the pile. This only seems to affect some senders, and the only thing I can make out they have in common is their "From" field. In the As Sent Folder view it is worse, here the primary sorting criteria always appears to be the From field, no matter what I do. If send some emails as "First name <email>" and some as "First Last <email>" and others as just "<email>" depending on who I write to, but instead of showing me the mails in chronological order, Evolution first groups them by what name I sent them in, which I don't want at all.

I'm not sure if there is a reason for this, maybe a setting I've overlooked, or whether this is a kind of odd feature, or a bug, so I would appreciate any information anybody can offer. I tried googling it, but all I find is people trying to group by sender, not the opposite problem. Thanks!