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Thread: gnome-mag review and installation: Full Screen Magnification

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    gnome-mag review and installation: Full Screen Magnification

    Hi guys,

    comments and suggestions NEEDED

    TODO: better spellcheck..

    everything and anything I have come up with for gnome-mag full screen and such. My friend who has been using Zoomtext for years got this installed and working on his 1 year old laptop. He said it is just barely slower than Zoomtext.

    Anybody want me to make some debs of the new gnome-mag 0.13? It has a new idea of getting rid of the black spots and instead caching images. Honestly it looks a lot better IMO.

    Jason Grieves
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    Re: gnome-mag review and installation: Full Screen Magnification

    I'd like to give it a shot if it is not too much trouble for you to make the debs. All I'll need to know is what to do to install it...Isn't it just downloading the package and entering

    sudo dpkg -i filename-to-be-installed
    Anyway...I'd be glad to test it out.

    Take care and thanks.

    PS: Will it integrate with Gnopernicus (which I am currently using with gnome-mag) or will it be standalone?
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