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Thread: Is there a usb bootable image creator for Ubuntu?

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    Is there a usb bootable image creator for Ubuntu?

    So I was using linux mint for like two months but it was a bit heavy for my laptop and since Lubuntu makes it much more responsive, I decided to switch back. But one of the things linux mint had that I'm missing was a program that would write an iso image into a usb and make it a bootable usb. I used that thing a lot. I have to help a friend create partitions and install windows and linux into her netbook. So I'm wondering how I can do that with Lubuntu since I'm thinking that very same program (or an equivalent) has to be available in the repositories and I just don't know what it's called. Could anyone tell me what I have to look for in the ubuntu repositories. Also, I tried the instructions in the ubuntu website to make bootable images in windows and it has never worked. I swear that I've followed the instructions perfectly, it just doesn't worked. I've tried it several times. So what program can I use in lubuntu for that?

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    Re: Is there a usb bootable image creator for Ubuntu?

    There are several tools. Many people prefer Unetbootin, some people usb-creator-gtk alias Startup Disk Creator (it is good in 12.04 LTS and can be still be used even if it is buggy in the newest versions 13.04 and 13.10). I prefer mkusb and there are several other tools too. So try a few until you find one that suits you!

    Edit: There are versions of Unetbootin for Linux as well as Windows.

    See these links

    Ubuntu Forums tutorial "Howto make USB boot drives"
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