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    Lightbulb stuck

    I can get around and do things in linux alright but I'm stuck on this one...

    I use 12.04 LTS on a lower end asus k55a laptop, I havent had many issues and it's always ran pretty smooth.
    When I did my first install I gave up the whole drive to ubuntu swearing off windows. Everything has been going good and am learning tons. Earlier I went to do a reboot and when it came back it goes to the lavender screen/ubuntu logo and the blinking dots then the LEDS for the backlight blink once and the screen stays blank and black. I let it sit doing that for quite a while until I decided to reinstall alongside the other installation now i have dual boot ubuntu 12.04 . I thought I could just reach over from the latest install grab the files I want, burn them off to disk to save them then wipe the drive and do a clean install. Unfortunately when I did the first install I selected to encrypt the drive, now from the second install I cannot see into my home dir on the first install to retrieve those much needed files. I rebooted to grub thinking I might be able to go in the first install in safe mode but no go, I get to the screen where it asks if I'm sure this is what I want to do, select yes, hit enter and it just sits there for quite a while doing nothing. now i am here. when I'm in the second install and I navigate to my home dir there are links (Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop) but neither of them work. Can someone please help me ?

    EDIT: I figured it out you can delete the post. I did a search for encrypted home dir in the forum and came up with downloaded the package opened the terminal and it decrypted and mounted my home dir in /tmp from there I am now in the process of copying what I need over to the new home dir where I will burn. I apologize for not doing the search first, I was panicky about my trapped data.
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    Re: stuck

    A couple of tips:

    1/ Generic thread titles won't get you far. Titles like 'stuck' tell helpers nothing and many won't bother.
    2/ Please use paragraphs rather than the 'big black blob' of text. Many helpers won't be bothered reading the blob.
    3/ When a problem is solved please mark it that way by using the instructions in my signature.


    Glad you got it sorted, thanks for sharing how you did it, and good luck.
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