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Thread: App-style folder? for quick access

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    App-style folder? for quick access

    I got an idea! And I have no idea if this idea is already in use. But I believe it is, but I have no idea what to search for. That's lots of "idea"s right?

    You know on your phone, I use android for example.
    I can make a folder on my android phone, clicking ONE time on this folder, all applications/stuffs I have in this folder, will be shown, and I can click any of these apps/stuffs.

    THIS, I want on my ubuntu desktop. So I can make a folder, then just ONE time click it, to reveal everything inside the folder.
    THAT is so much faster, smoother, awesomeness other than a normal folder where I have to bother doubleclick it, and then have it to open itself, and then be able to open whatever I want in that folder, and then needing to close it.

    Reason due this, and what I got it from. Was when I now had installed microsoft office on my computer, I find that I should save the shortcuts to access them easy (as they have the correct icon, if I search on them on the applications menu for ubuntu, they will show up with wine icon etc).
    And I don't want lots of icons on my desktop, I want to keep it quite clean.
    so then it would be so easy having this folder which saves me a second or two, and also just helps me with the flow.

    I use GNOME btw. Ubuntu 12.04.3
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    Re: App-style folder? for quick access

    Unfortunately, you state you're using gnome.
    If you had unity, maybe drawers would be what you want
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