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Thread: Setting User data in cloud init to run "always" through openstack

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    Setting User data in cloud init to run "always" through openstack

    I submitted the issue to the openstack forum and am interested if I can find anyone here who might know the answer or provide a response that will help...

    the openstack thread:

    Through the openstack API I build a json object to boot a VM ( ubuntu image). The script gets placed properly in


    The script runs properly, however, I would like it to run on every reboot. I've found the /etc/init/cloud-final.conf runs all of the modules just once and shall never run them again. If I enter

    /usr/bin/cloud-init-cfg scripts-user always

    It will re-run the user data

    So my question is this, do I need to edit the cloud-final.conf and alter/add the script-user always option or is there another way... Adding a cron job, or adding it to the /etc/init.d scripts aren't good options for me. They seem to be more of a hack rather than an engineered solution.

    thanks for any feedback
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