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Thread: Screen cut off on old/newish NTSC-TV, and can't adjust

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    Screen cut off on old/newish NTSC-TV, and can't adjust

    I have an ASUS C8HM70-I/HDMI. I have both an ATI-Radeon video card with S-Vdeo out, and an nVidia card with S-video out, and I also have an HDMI-to-NTSC/PAL adapte and all have the same problem. I have a 52inch NTSC-TV, old style CRT which doesn't have an adjustment for Horizontal width and position or vertical height and position because the TV is too new/smart for that. I can't afford a new flat screen for the living room so this thing has to do. As is normal for an old style TV, the image starts and ends off the visible screen as per NTSC-specification. I run Xubuntu 12.04 instead of Ubuntu because, since the top, bottom, and side edges of the screen are completely cut off, Xubuntu has a utility that allows me to move the menu bars so I can actually have them on the screen. But this is a less than optimal solution. If I don't hit the top menu bar exactly right, and go "past it" into the non-visible part of the screen, it doesn't pop down. And when I open VLC, my preferred video player, the menu bar frequently is out of reach in the invisible area of the screen.

    I think Ubuntu desktop would work better for a media player system like mine, but with the various bars completely out of reach, it's completely useless.

    But the Wii, PS/3, and other devices work just fine with this old CRT TV, which makes sense since they were designed for a TV, not a computer monitor.

    Is there an easy way (i.e. a GUI app) that would allow me to adjust Xorg settings so I could adjust horizontal position, vertical position, horizontal width, and vertical width to better match the TV? This doesn't mean it actually needs to adjust the actual screen dimensions, just its working area, like saying "Don't put any child window higher than 20 pixels below the top, and don't let it extend to more than 20 pixel above the bottom". Either option would work just fine for me. Is there anything like that out there?
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