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Thread: Company of Heroes Gold Edition CD doesn't work

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    Company of Heroes Gold Edition CD doesn't work

    Hi there.

    I'm trying to install Company of Heroes Gold Edition from the CD using WINE.

    I insert the CD, navigate to the optical drive in Dolphin, right-click on Launch.exe, and choose Open With ... -> Wine Windows Program Loader. See "CoHInstScr1.png" (attached) for what I see once I do this.
    I then choose "Install." For a brief moment there is a very small dialog window that says "Designed with DemoShield."
    Then I get "CoHInstErr-1.png" which says something about a problem with GameInst.exe, possibly due to a "problem in the program" or a "deficiency in wine."

    This is the directory contents of the CD:
    will@will-01:/media/will/Disk1$ ls -l
    total 43087
    -r-------- 1 will will 23402288 Jan  3  2008 AcroSetup.exe
    -r-------- 1 will will   649428 Jan 15  2008 Autorun.dbd
    -r-------- 1 will will       44 Jan  3  2008 autorun.inf
    -r-------- 1 will will     4274 Jan  3  2008 Autorun.txt
    dr-x------ 1 will will    53248 Feb 14  2008 Data
    -r-------- 1 will will   528384 Jan  3  2008 demo32.exe
    -r-------- 1 will will    22595 Feb 12  2008 EULA.txt
    -r-------- 1 will will 14051208 Feb 14  2008 gameInst.exe
    -r-------- 1 will will      390 Jan  3  2008 gameInst.exe.manifest
    -r-------- 1 will will  1645320 Jan  3  2008 gdiplus.dll
    -r-------- 1 will will   746816 Feb 14  2008 InstallerLib.dll
    -r-------- 1 will will   132416 Feb 14  2008 Launch.exe
    -r-------- 1 will will      367 Jan  3  2008 Launch.ini
    -r-------- 1 will will       24 Feb 14  2008 Locale.ini
    -r-------- 1 will will  2732818 Jan  3  2008 Manual.pdf
    -r-------- 1 will will    46867 Feb 12  2008 Readme.txt
    -r-------- 1 will will    99648 Feb 14  2008 Setup.exe
    -r-------- 1 will will      298 Jan  3  2008 styles.css
    The exact same error is reproducible if I choose to try running "Setup.exe" or "gameInst.exe" instead of "Launch.exe"
    demo32.exe and AcroSetup.exe appear to work fine.

    I notice on WineHQ, the rating for the "Steam Version" of CoH Gold Edition is "Gold." However, obviously, I am not using the Steam version... I've never run this particular game through Steam before, and I have installed it many times before (though always on Windows), so I know that Steam is not necessary to be able to play the game online.

    Anyhow, thanks for your time and any help you can provide!

    I love this game and haven't played it in forever....
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