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Thread: New toshiba satellite c55-a5300 missing system settings, 13.10 UEFI

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    Exclamation New toshiba satellite c55-a5300 missing system settings, 13.10 UEFI

    Yeah it's been a long time since the purchase of a new computer, I now found out that most computers run the "UEFI". I was told by a bestbuy sales rep to run 13.10 unbuntu (I have 13.10 Xubuntu), he said it was the only one that would work other than mint linux (I don't want mint, I'm a ubuntu fan).

    So anyways, I backed up windows on the DVD's in case I want to ever sell this laptop. I turned secure boot off, and loaded up the Xubuntu 13.10 live DVD and was able to test it out. One thing that was strange right off the bat? All the system settings were missing other than 2 of them! I was looking for Gparted to format the drive before I did the fresh install of Xubuntu. (Still in the live DVD session) I pulled up the ubuntu software center and looked up gparted, to my surprise it said it was already installed. I went ahead anyways with the intall as I despise windows. Install went fine.

    Now I'm running the full install, same as above, all the system settings are missing in the menu! I could pull up gparted with the sudo terminal command but other than that, gparted and all the usual system setting are missing.

    Also, I noticed during the install, the installer removed a lot of stuff including a bunch of language packs (Which is probably why the words are messed up in gmusic player for the song titles). I've installed ubuntu many times and have never seen that.

    Does this have something to do with 13.10 or because this is a new model laptop with "UEFI".

    Anyhelp is appreciated, I always try to look on my own through ubuntu forums and google before asking, I couldn't find anything.
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