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Thread: iSCSI GUI alternative to kiscsiadm?

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    iSCSI GUI alternative to kiscsiadm?

    At my school we are messing around with iSCSI initiators to connect to our SANs, and doing it through Windows was no problem, but we have a box running Ubuntu 13 and wanted to try it out there as well.
    We've installed open-iscsi and we can access our SAN volumes, but we're having an issue connecting to them with a "record not found" error.
    We're connected on the proper switch so I feel the issue is more with our command line syntax.

    I tried to install kiscsiadm, but it gave me an error about a library dependency, which I was not able to resolve. Apparently this software isn't compatible with our version of Ubuntu.
    Restarting our computers as 12.04

    Is there another GUI for working with iSCSI or should I keep trying with terminal?

    Searching the forum/Google didn't bring anything up
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