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Thread: Reading Samsung S-III files

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    Reading Samsung S-III files

    I connected my Samsung phone via the USB port. It is recognized on the desktop and Nautilus opens it and I see file folders. however, when i go to look in the folders I do not see and files! They appear empty. On a Windows machine those same folders show the files that are there. What is going on here? Windows explorer and see and read the files, but nautilus and Thunar cannot--yet they see the folders.

    I can actually transfer music folder to the Samsung using nautilus or thunar, they transfer without a problem, but I cannot seem them in Ubuntu.

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    Re: Reading Samsung S-III files

    tl;dr = No version earlier than 13.04 works with the MTP protocol Android now uses, and even since then I and others find it works sporadically. Seems a bit better on 14.04. Also I use KDE which implements MTP rather differently via its "kio-slaves" than GNOME-flavored desktops.
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