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Thread: What can I do in the Cloud?

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    What can I do in the Cloud?

    I've started using Ubuntu more & more and am almost using it 90% of the time with just a few programs that I still need to run via Windows.

    I run most of my business in the cloud using mostly gmail and google docs but am looking at ways to take it to the next level and would first like to get more advice.

    At the moment I have to carry my laptop around to work on my business. I also have a portable apps set-up on a usb disc which I use. I've been looking into the possibility of actualy working totally in the cloud and I see Microsoft has something called Microsoft Office 365 whereby you have access to use the microsoft apps in the cloud. I basically need a network server that offers me the use of Libre Office and other utilities online.

    Does Ubuntu have something similar, either that I can set up on my own server or existing.

    Thank you in advance....

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    Re: What can I do in the Cloud?

    One to look into further.

    Joli Cloud consolidates cloud based services, but seems to be more for home use. I have experimented with the Joli Drive available for Chrome, but don't use most of the services currently offered though it does offer access in one place.

    Peppermint is also moving towards cloud based os using a VPS.
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    Smile Re: What can I do in the Cloud?

    You can store all your stuff in cloud so that you can access all your data remotely wherever you go , just an active internet connection is required.It is always better to use cloud access because it provide security to your data.It is cheaper in face Ubuntu Cloud is free.

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    Re: What can I do in the Cloud?

    Something like libreoffice via browser?

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    Re: What can I do in the Cloud?

    Think OP is looking for apps running from the cloud (like they were running on a local server) by the sound of it.


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