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Thread: Main (only) user password invalid, repeatedly, even after reset

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    Main (only) user password invalid, repeatedly, even after reset

    Hey guys!

    I've searched and found threads close to my problem, but none seem to go quite far enough to solve the problem...stay with me, this may get a little long winded, but I'd like to be thorough to hopefully help you help me more easily.

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server edition, with the default Ubuntu/gnome GUI. It's primary use is as a personal development server for PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Java, and JQuery. It's also got tons of disk space, so it's my home file server for multimedia as well.

    Yesterday I was attempting to update Samba from 3.6.3 to 4.1 (stable) via tarball downloaded from Samba's site. I removed and purged smbd, then went through with creating a directory - /usr/local/src - to extract the Samba 4.1 tarball into, proceeded to chown that directory, ./configure 'd, then used 'make' to install. All seemed to go well, and finally I used checkinstall. This led through a few options, the last of which I don't remember the words of exactly, but my interpretation was that there were excess files from the intsall which were nolonger necessary, and would I like to view them? Default was no, but wondering what they were, I hit y and perused through them pretty quickly, when I got to the end it simply said (END), but wouldn't let me do anything else with the terminal window.

    I tried a variety of things, but none seemed to do anything, so eventually (against my better judgement) I just closed the terminal, despite the warning that there was still a process running in it.

    I did a quick ls /etc/init.d to see if the new version of Samba was running, but found it not listed, so I rebooted, momentarily falling back to my years of Windows experience.

    When I tried to log back in, I was greeted with repeated "Invalid password" notices upon entering the same password I've had on the machine since I installed, and have never had an issue with. Guest account worked (obviously) but that's not much help.

    Thinking perhaps the password had been altered through something I did, I rebooted into recovery mode, dropped to the shell as root, used 'mount -o rw,remount /' and then 'passwd [user]', entered a new password twice, was told it was successful, exited, resumed normal bootup, got to the log on screen and had the same issue.

    Thinking maybe the GUI was to blame, I used CTRL+ALT+F1 to get out of it and tried to log in that way, but every time I enter the username and password, it just flashes back to the same "username" prompt. No errors, nothing, just as if I hadn't ever typed anything. I even changed the password to "a" just to test it, and entered it 30 or so times out of stubborn frustration, to no avail.

    The only other thread I found with a near identical issue resulted from an over-liberal use of chown on the /usr directory, but after checking ownership/permissions with 'ls -l /usr' and 'ls -l /usr/local' via the recovery root shell, it seems all directories in both are root:root except the /usr/local/src directory I created, which is [user]:root.

    Sorry that was a lot of info, but that's the last thing I had done before the issue arose. I'm pretty sure those are all the commands I used, after installing - via 'apt-get install' - a bunch of dependencies.

    If it comes to it, having to re-install isn't the end of the world, as I don't have any really important files on the physical drive Ubuntu is on, and can use the live-disc first to move any files that I want to keep, but it'd be great to use this as a learning experience and figure out how to fix it!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Main (only) user password invalid, repeatedly, even after reset

    I'm not sure what you expect after you have entered your password, but at the prompt in a terminal it is normal not to see any thing except your username after you've logged in.

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    Re: Main (only) user password invalid, repeatedly, even after reset

    Sorry, I guess I didn't quite specify. When I log in with the correct password, it doesn't show my username, it just clears the screen back to only showing OS info at the top, and the "Server login:" prompt as if I haven't entered anything.

    If I try the wrong password, it tells me login incorrect, and gives another server login: prompt, but if, after that, I give it the right password, it just clears everything, back to square 1...

    Per a suggestion in the general help section, I tried connecting via wired ethernet, entering recovery mode, then enabling networking and selecting fix broken packages, to no avail. It updated/fixed empathy and some other things I didn't recognize, but none of them were things I had done anything with, ever, to my knowledge...

    Thanks for any ideas you've got.


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