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Thread: Lubuntu 13.10: Wrong colors in 3D games

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    Lubuntu 13.10: Wrong colors in 3D games

    Hi there,

    I've installed Lubuntu 13.10 succesfully. The 3D gfx acceleration and sound works. But I have wrong colors in gl games like SuperTuxKart, Neverball etc.. Is there a problem with Mesa for PowerPC?



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    Re: Lubuntu 13.10: Wrong colors in 3D games

    Hi Christian, I've not been involved with any of the recent releases, and I'm a bit out of the loop, but it used to be the case that there were some endian problems with mesa. You may find using User Space Mode setting better (12.04 or Debian wheezy are the easiest for this). Another thing you could try is using an environment that uses compositing (like Xubuntu); this has solved some colour problems with me under KMS (Kernel Mode Setting).


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