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Thread: Edited Fstab and now Ubuntu will not boot

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    Re: Edited Fstab and now Ubuntu will not boot

    Quote Originally Posted by oldfred View Post
    It is not that you running it solves anything, but often having many eyes reviewing it sees something that is otherwise missed. I have looked at issues for hours and then see the problem later. Often quicker when many can review it.
    If everything is then correct we move onto what else may be the issue.
    But please post both commands outputs.
    Okay, I understand now.

    Running the commands, I get:

    root@hostname:/# cd /etc
    root@hostname:/etc# ls fst* -l
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 524 Nov 6 07:34 fstab
    root@hostname:/# cat /etc/fstab.d
    Then it displays the contents of the fstab.

    I have now discovered the root of the problem. The fstab folder was named to fstab.d for some reason. After renaming it to just fstab, the computer now boots properly. I feel dumb now.

    Thanks everyone who helped me.
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    Re: Edited Fstab and now Ubuntu will not boot

    We all do dumb things from time to time. I've done a few ... er ... recently. I'm positive I will do dumb things again. Only been a UNIX/Linux admin since 1995.

    In the meantime, please mark the thread [Solved].

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    Re: Edited Fstab and now Ubuntu will not boot

    Um... fstab and fstab.d are both important. The fstab file is what you want to edit. The other, fstab.d, is a folder. Had you moved fstab into fstab.d? Then, yes, you'll want to move it back up one directory.
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