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Thread: New Mythbuntu Install - can't play some DVD folders and Monitor Blinking

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    New Mythbuntu Install - can't play some DVD folders and Monitor Blinking

    Had a failing hard drive - had to move from 10.04 to 12.04 mythbuntu (32-bit).

    A few issues - one, the screen now seems to blink on occasion when moving from a menu to a menu (usually after a setup menu) - like if I pick setup-audio-general the screen will blink. Using nvdia and proprietary driver, a 8400gs pci-e card to an LG TV monitor via VGA 15pin. Didn't have the blinking in 10.04. It doesn't happen during video playback, just menu stuff, and still not too often. I tried turning off DPMS as an option in my xorg.conf, and I do have a xorg.conf defined by the NVidia utility, and I have hard coded the Mode to 1920X1080 just to make sure it wasn't a resolution change or anything. I also have the xscreensaver disabled...

    Can't get suspend to work right, but that seems to be a global 12.04 issue and I think I found a thread to fix that.

    More annoying issue - some DVD folders don't seem to work - I was watching one DVD rip of mine fine in 10.04, and it won't play in 12.04... this is true for about half of my DVD rips... don't know why, and they play fine in vlc... I even set up VLC to work as my .vob player and dvd player, but myth won't accept that, it still uses the default player. I figured if I couldn't figure out why it won't play, I could just use that workaround without having to go through the trouble of sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, then exiting myth and loading vlc...

    I have libdvdcss2 installed (using myth .25)...

    So, anyone know why mythtv blinks and why some DVD folders now won't play and/or why it doesn't let me use VLC in its' place? What other information do you need to help?

    Thanks so much in advance - moving to 12.04 is the right thing to do, and I bought a spare computer for $50 along with a spare HD for $10 so when this happens again, we can just swap the whole damn unit out and have zero interruption in our TV watching

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    Re: New Mythbuntu Install - can't play some DVD folders and Monitor Blinking

    Still can't get the suspend thing correct - screen still flashes... I am actually hoping I can clone my old failing HD so I can revert back to Mythbuntu 10.04 and be back on track...


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