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Thread: Encrypt harddrives

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    Question Encrypt harddrives

    I would like to encrypt my 4 harddrives, about 9tb of data.
    Its on a server running ubuntu desktop.

    A couple of questions:

    Is there any encryption that requires a key for each reboot?
    Would that result in less disc space?
    Could i do that without reformating the drives?

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    Re: Encrypt harddrives

    Encrypting data partitions shouldnt be too hard. I have not done this. There are a few different encryption choices - I would start by looking up truecrypt.

    Encrypting the entire OS seems to be more complex. On these forums, Ive seen a few people looking for help. If you are willing to have /boot unencrypted, but everything else encrypted, that seems very doable and relatively easy.

    All of these methods REQUIRE excellent backups and a 100%, solid, backup methodology. If you consider that a failed disk sector can make all the data inaccessible across the entire partition. Backups are job #1, but those are 100x more important when encrypted data is involved.

    I do not know if in-place encryption is an option. No way would I start this without a 100%, positive, know-it-works backup. My data is worth at least that much care. A small power hiccup ... data = gone.

    I do encrypt my portable devices ... have not tried to full encrypt my laptops, however. Just the HOME at this point.

    Sorry that I am not much use.

    There is another option. Special HDDs are sold with hardware encryption built-in. I have never heard of more than one being used on a single machine (might be a BIOS limit?) - read up more at I am positive they sell external drive arrays with FIPS encryption - the OS does not need to know.

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