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True story: Yesterday I took my ancient Wacom tablet to a friend's house because she has got into Photoshop editing.
She is running XP so I went to the Wacom site and searched for the driver, no results for the model number. OK I will just plug it in, Windows says that it has found a HID device but it did not work.
Today I just plug the tablet into my laptop and it is recognised as a Graphire tablet and works 100%.
I searched online for the model number and it is indeed a Graphire 1 (an ET-0405-U to be exact)
The moral is that Linux has come a long way and actually is superior to other OSs.
I'm glad that my link made you smile. Peace.
I have a tablet, but it is not a Wacom so Linux only sees it as a "mouse" (move pen to left moves cursor to the left, pick up pen and move to the right side, move pen to the left moves cursor to the left).