hello everybody!
i was trying to make a very simple script that detect if the mouse is on the upper-left corner of the screen (screen edge detection), and then launch an application (similar to callíng the "mission control", or "activities overview" in Gnome 3.x)
i had a look into bash, which seems to be a very simple to understand language. but i haven't found any enviromental variables that holds the mouse (cursor) position on screen.
also, i don't know if it's a good idea to launch a bash script every frame just for checking that...

so, if anyone have a better idea on how to do that, i'd be thankful.

i do not want to use Compiz or Kwin because i think it's overkill for such a simple task (plus Compiz is too buggy for me). i'm using Lubuntu 13.04.
thanks in advance!