Hi, I'm new to linux. I've only run Knoppix 6.2 from a cd before in emergency and it worked fine. Other than that I've run Windows XP.

My specs are:

1gb ram
amd athlon xp 3000+ 2164MHz 512kb cache
integrated graphics

after limited research i've decided on Ubuntu.. i think. i've seen people recommend lubuntu or xubuntu(not sure if that's considered Ubuntu) for older machines, but i'm not sure what to try to run. my only demands are i need it to "surf" smoothly under a vpn(HMA). i will be editing in Gimp but nothing too demanding.

which distro/version would work well? any help is much appreciated. thank you

also, more specifically, i need it to be compatible with my wireless usb stick, a Cisco, Linksys N300