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Thread: Android Phones

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    Android Phones

    Looks like Windows users win again. Most out of the box Android phones are not recognized by Linux OS (Ubuntu 12.10) . The market share is Windows and if you are a Linux user you have to jump through hoops. I am trying to learn Android programming. Anybody have an Alcatel Evolve phone that can be seen by Linux.

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    Re: Android Phones

    Have a look at which I used to get my Acer Iconia A210 tablet to connect with ease, and this was an edit from another site for a Motorola Xoom, so I suspect that the main points, adapted for your phone, may well also work.
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    Re: Android Phones

    You're probably reacting to the replacement of USB mass storage connectivity with the Media Transfer Protocol in Android 4. Ubuntu versions starting with 13.04 support MTP pretty well. There are also other methods like FTP over wifi. Browse this forum to see the solutions.
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