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Thread: youtube payback problems with ubuntu 13.10

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    youtube payback problems with ubuntu 13.10

    ok i installed ubuntu just to surf and watch youtube videos securely and privately but now youtube videos stopp playing afgter 2-5 minutes and it totally frreezes up and needs to log out and re log in to fix it.
    ive done an automatic software update since this happened and no fix happened

    whats my problems and likely first step?

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    Re: youtube payback problems with ubuntu 13.10

    Let's find some exact details first. Which web browser are you using? What's your graphics? Do you have any additional drivers installed?

    I can suggest you try another web browser to see if the problem persists. If your entire session freezes up, this could be a bug with the graphics.

    Alternately, you may want to try turning on HTML5 in YouTube to identify if this is a Adobe Flash issue, you can do this via (assuming the web browser is HTML5-compatible) A web browser like Google Chrome (not Chromium) bundle their own flash player, so for all other browsers like Firefox, you will need to double check the flash plug-in is properly installed.

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    Re: youtube payback problems with ubuntu 13.10

    Linux Flash is a CPU hog. Check temps and make sure you're not overheating..


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