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Thread: Install google but the name displayed is Youtube

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    Red face Install google but the name displayed is Youtube


    I'm new to Ubuntu. I've installed Google Chrome but the name displayed is Youtube. I try to launch it but I cant. It cannot start.
    So anyone? Please Help me.
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    Re: Install google but the name displayed is Youtube

    Open a terminal, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+T, or look in the dash/menu for terminal and run
    copy and paste what it says, if anything.
    (Use the # button(this is called code tags) in the forum reply box when you paste the results.)

    The next step would be to look at the .desktop file in the applications folder.
    That is located in the folder /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop.
    Normally, this file won't open by simply clicking on it, so open a text editor, gedit and either search for it in gedit > file > open > file system > usr > share >applications > google-chrome.desktop.
    Or drag it from the file manager into the gedit window.

    The output for google chrome is long on that file, but what we want is Name=Google Chrome( You can ignore all the other names ) , and the execution which should be Exec=/opt/google-something something(sorry I forget.)
    You can post those two things as well.

    And maybe also look for a desktop file for youtube as well.
    And if you find one post the name and exec command for that as well.
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    Re: Install google but the name displayed is Youtube

    Are you sure you completed the installation process for google-chrome?

    What do you see when you run dpkg --get-selections | grep chrome in a terminal?
    Shortened urls: See point #11 here. And clicking on them could be risky.


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