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Thread: remote-viewer (spice) has wrong keyboard mapping

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    remote-viewer (spice) has wrong keyboard mapping

    I am stuck and could use some ideas to resolve this.
    Certain keys are not being passed through the spice client program to the remote desktop. These include the single-quotes and double-quotes. I havnt noticed any other keys not working. It is an issue from the windows remote-viewer (spice) client.

    havnt = have not (see, no single-quotes available)

    It does not happen from an Ubuntu spicec client or from NX clients or when ssh'ed in.
    The KVM host is 12.04.3 and so are all the client VMs.

    spice-virt-viewer-x64-0.5.7.msi is the program installed onto a Win7 Home x64 system.
    NX and rdp from this same machine works perfectly from a keyboard standpoint. All the same hardware works to show the single- and double-quotes, just not inside the _spice-remote viewer_ window.


    I feel sorta dumb that I can't figure this out. Googling hasn't helped. Since this is a spice-only issue, from a specific client, I doubt the console settings or X/Windows keymap are involved. The only language used is English, though I would love to support Spanish and German characters eventually.
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