When starting ubuntu 13.10 on a usb 4gb flash drive I get to the point where it asks me to try ubuntu or install it, after clicking try ubuntu so i can run the live version my screen turns blank for a minute then back to just the desktop background and stays that way. It looks like xorg is not even started in the gnome process monitor. I believe it must be a driver issue or something with the resoloution of the monitor.

The computer is an old dell optiplex gx270, pentium 4 2gb ram. This computer was given to me because my newer computer had failed from what I believe is something wrong with the voltage in the apartments wiring, I believe it has a low voltage because when the system starts it says that there is a low voltage in the system battery, I believe the person that wired the apartment may have not wired it right, and its putting out a low voltage.

If anyone can help me with this problem it would mean a lot to me. Thanks.