I have no idea what's wrong. I had an SSO account, but not a forums account. It said to login with SSO, that's cool... but then it gave some error saying my usename, steven2 (which I did NOT choose), was already in use or didn't meet requirements. Well, then don't assign me a username that already belongs to someone or isn't valid!

I had to create a new fake account... here I am... it assigned me the name "wt12". So what's this thing do, just append a 2 to whatever the first part of your email is? My real email is steven@mydomain.com (so it gave me and 10000 other Steven's the same username?) and my fake account is wt1@mydomain.com.

I think you guys need to put a bit more thought into the registration system. I don't get to choose my username, it chooses for me... and apparently with very little logic and poor outcomes.

So how do I fix my real account? I don't want to use this one because I'll never remember the login.