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Thread: Ubuntu Not Returning From Suspend

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    Ubuntu Not Returning From Suspend

    Hello guys this is my first post here, sorry if it is on the wrong place.

    For almost a month I've been using Xubuntu but I was not liking it so I decided to install the ubuntu desktop using psychocats help. The problem is that they only have it for (x)ubuntu 12.04 and I already updated to xubuntu 13.10. I thought that it was not a problem and went ahead and installed it. After everything was done I was restarting the system, choose the ubuntu option (have a dual-boot with windows 7), the loading screen from ubuntu come up then the screen turn black but the computer keeps running, all lights are on (wi-fi, energy, data,etc...) but the screen is just off. I first decided to close the lid and reopen it but no success. I can just see the screen for a sec and then it turn black again. Then I searched arround the internet and saw a topic saying to hit the lightning shortcuts but with no luck.

    Can anyone help me?
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