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Thread: Wallpaper doesn't apply over activities menu

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    Wallpaper doesn't apply over activities menu

    When I change my wallpaper in Ubuntu 13.10, using GNOME, the wallpaper shows as the old wallpaper when I go to the 'Activities' screen. Not only this, wallpapers on the activities screen only show in the top left hand corner of my primary monitor (I have two monitors, one at 1366*768, and the other at 1920*1080). Screenshots of the problem are attached.

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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    Re: Wallpaper doesn't apply over activities menu

    I have noticed this problem and to correct it I log out and back in . The Gnome wall paper application has changed in Gnome 3.8 and because I don't use Gnome all the time I haven't investigated whether it is a bug or not . Since Unity and the Gnome Shell share the same wallpaper & theme I don't bother much with changing the wallpaper in the shell .
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