I had a major crash on my Ubuntu 9.04 system due to a battery failure at startup, half way through loading Linux.

I was prompted to run fsck a couple of times on re-start, with power supply connected, which, on completion enabled me to boot the system. However a large number of my programs would not run.

I decided to restore a old 40MB backup image to my current 250MB drive (GParted could resize the Partition later), but to my horror this failed with a file error. Despite this I was able to boot the system, presumably, as so little data had been written from the backup image.

I re-installed the non-working programs and in summary the system now appears to work normally .... HOWEVER ...

The HARDINFO Hardware Report shows a 40MB disk size.

GParted shows a 200MB+ Partiton with far more data content than I know to be true, (should be about 70MB in total).

df shows circa 40GB with free space of 18GB, which is the same as the free space shown on the 250GB GParted list.

What is going on ? Can anyone tell me how to correct this situation without having to re-install UBUNTU as clearly
my image backup is a failure !

I have posted images of relevant details below (CLICK them to see larger) ....

Hardinfo Report.jpg
pt list.jpg
df list.jpg