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Thread: Ubuntu Server 13.10 on mac mini 2011

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    Ubuntu Server 13.10 on mac mini 2011

    I'm sure this has been asked here before but my google-fu failed me.

    So as you can probably tell by the title, I want to install Ubuntu Server 13.10 on my mac mini (2011 core i5).

    A couple of things before you answer:

    1. I do not care about OSX, I can always reinstall it
    2. I'd rather avoid rEFIt if I can
    3. this is not my first time installing linux so feel free to get technical. If I don't understand I'll either ask or google it until I do.
    4. Thanks for the help in advanced

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 13.10 on mac mini 2011

    I've only done it one the older Minis that still have optical drives. My guess would be to boot from USB stick. For that it might work to hold down the Option key while booting.


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