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Thread: 12.04 Dell Inspiron 15r. Noisy fan & igpu-dgpu modes

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    Exclamation 12.04 Dell Inspiron 15r. Noisy fan & igpu-dgpu modes

    My NoteBook is Dell Inspirion 15r 5520.

    I have two moments:
    1. - how can i solve the noisy fan?
    It`s to loud, and has only two modes: work in full power, and don`t work at all. Windows making better here...
    How to make FAN speed more "smart"?

    2. - Here i have ATI Radeon HD 76xx card so i installed fglrx driver. Works well. Just wondering....
    Can i switch from igpu to dgpu mode more smothly not restarting lighdm (and programs that are working)?
    currently switching with comands like:
    sudo aticonfig --px-igpu
    sudo restart lightdm
    After that all apps are closed, and must start again... This is bad, while working with internet and not using Photoshop, or not playing game for example igpu mode is in use. But if i what to play, or make some Photoshop in VirtualBox -> then i must do dgpu mode. And againg start all apps.

    Fan noise is more important question. Realy i want to know How to make fan cooler to be more smart? or smth.... Not big ubuntu user, still learning. And don`t understand lots of stuff

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 12.04 Dell Inspiron 15r. Noisy fan & igpu-dgpu modes

    So much time and no replay. I don`t believe that having 128 view on this thread nobody at all can suggest anything ;(

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