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Thread: HowTo: Use the unity launcher quicklist for snippets

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    HowTo: Use the unity launcher quicklist for snippets

    UPDATE version 1.3 (4-Nov-2013)
    Thank you to Vaphell for doing a rewrite of my script.
    Renamed quicksnips. See included ReadMe.txt for installation and info.

    I find glipper's snippet plugin handy but also quite buggy.

    This will create a launcher with whatever snippets are defined in snippets.txt.
    Just move the extracted .quicksnips folder to your home directory. (folder will be hidden when first extracted)

    Make the scripts executable...
    chmod +x ~/.quicksnips/ ~/.quicksnips/ ~/.quicksnips/
    Run the script to create/update the launcher.
    cd ~/.quicksnips && ./
    Open the dash and search for "quicksnips" and drag and drop to the launcher
    open the file browser and and drag and drop ~/.local/share/applications/quicksnips.desktop.

    All you need to do now is create your own snippets as shown in the attached video or
    follow the included ReadMe.txt.
    You can also add snippets from the clipboard content using a quicklist item.
    Adds the snippet and reloads the launcher.

    Snippets are currently sent to "-selection clipboard" (right mouse copy/paste and ctrl+c/ctrl+v).
    See ReadMe.txt to change to "-selection primary" (left mouse selection/middle click paste)

    Requires xclip.
    sudo apt-get install xclip
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