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    Re: Trusty GNOME Classic & Flashback sessions

    Quote Originally Posted by psfal View Post
    As an exclusively Gnome Classic user, 12.04 is the last release I can move the min, max, close buttons to the right, where they belong. The inability to install my personal choice of desktop and have it function perfectly in any newer versions of Ubuntu is a deal-killer for me. I've tried the Ubuntu Gnome version and their excuse for "Classic" is very poor indeed. Unless I can find a way to move the buttons to the right where they belong 12.04 will be the very last version of Ubuntu that I use... Don't bother commenting about Gnome Classic no longer being supported, that's bull. I use Debian w/Gnome Classic the majority of the time already as I find ways to get my Netflix Desktop and various other things up and running, preparatory to dumping Ubuntu altogether... All they had to do was leave the original Gnome 2.0 alone and available but they chose to "force" people to move to less appealing DEs... I like my simple and exquisite Gnome Classic 2.0 and my available applets in the top panel and I will keep it as long as it is available in whatever distribution I have to use to have it... There is simply no other DE that I find pleasing... Yes, I've tried them all (MATE sucks, IMHO it's hideous)
    In terminal enter
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ':minimize,maximize,close'
    Problem solved.
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