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I was searching for something else and stumbled upon this:


Really good info so I wanted to share it
I'm finding this mailing list hard to follow:


But it is certainly active

Anyway I noticed that we may be in for another session renaming:


today installed trusty in virtualbox to test flashback session. Enabled proposed. After upgrade I was able to login in both sessions - flashback with metacity and flashback with compiz. Only session names seems too long for lightdm. Maybe session names can be GNOME Flashback (Metacity) and GNOME Flashback (Compiz)?
I personally think it would be better to just drop GNOME from the name

Compare the length of the session names:

GNOME Flashback (no effects)
GNOME Flashback (Metacity)

Duh, it's one freaking character!

But it seems that's been approved:


Also worried about Jonathan Carter:


Iíve been really quiet on the blogging front the last few months. Thereís been a lot happening in my life. In short, I moved back to South Africa and started working for another company. I have around 10 blog drafts that I will probably never finish, so Iím just declaring post bankruptcy and starting from scratch (who wants read my old notes from Ubuntu VUDS from March anyway?)

For what itís worth, Iím still alive and doing very well, possibly better than ever. Over the next few months I want to focus my free software time on the Edubuntu project, my Debian ITPs (which Iíve neglected so badly theyíve been turned into RFPs) and Flashback. Once Iíve caught up thereís plenty of other projects where Iíd like to focus some energy as well (LTSP, Debian-Edu, just to name a few).
Anyway I have zero dev skills (+ a bum right arm on top of my brain damage) so I'd love to see someone from Ubuntu jump into the fray and try to create some focus on making this work with the Ubuntu base. If no one else steps up I'll try my best

In other news, there was a mention regarding 'gnome-screensaver':