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I am just suggesting in kind, that , perhaps you could ask the mods to drop the {evolution of gnome classic} and try for somthing like 'Edubuntu/gnome classic/fallback/flashback session Trusty'. This way I think the moderating powers that be may find it more palatable for U+1, it would be a real plug for Edubuntu (which is a diamond in the rough) and you could interject your hypothesis and work with bug fixes without fragmenting the echo.

You said "I need feedback". Please do not take offence at my words. I am hoping to be a helper here.

No offense taken ... ever

The reason I want to work on this here is because we true testers are critics by nature, and only well reasoned criticism results in a good outcome

I don't remember the exact words I used to open this thread, but it was something like "May I pursue the 'evolution of gnome classic/fallback/flashback sessions' here?

Then one of the mods shortened the title so I took that as acceptance of pursuing my goals

Will we sometimes get off-topic? Absolutely!

Once again look at:


Had we been Ubuntu +1 then that thread could still be alive, but time rolls on so we have to adapt and as testers it's beneficial to the entire Ubuntu community to share what we know in the most appropriate manner possible.

Appropriate is the key word there. If I'm providing inappropriate or misleading info that's NO GOOD to anyone, and certainly harmful to the project. So I need to share what I plan on doing or saying with a trusted community ............... Ubuntu +1 is that trusted community.

Does that make sense?