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    I understand you cant support EVERYTHING. But I think you guys should pay a little attention to the white hats like me who get paid to penetration test using some of the off-shoots. Like Netzero. I get paid because I can show the vulnerabilities in a network. Lately, everytime I allow an update and I dont mean a fill upgrade,(God Forbid) it destroys netzero. I am an ethical hacker, I need this tool. Whats going on here? Do you purposefully kill them? Why, if so?I am an ubuntu fan. But this is about to get to be too much, I will switch back to backtrack if this continues.
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    Re: Netzero

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.

    You should understand that 'we' don't support ANYTHING!

    No idea why you are posting this on these forums. This is a support forum for Ubuntu. If you want to complain about a lack of functionality, you would be best doing it elsewhere. No-one you want to be talking to will hear you here. You might be better off contacting Canonical directly (who do not frequent here). Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by steven-causey View Post
    I will switch back to backtrack if this continues.
    *shrugs* Up to you, but neither here or there in the scheme of things here.

    (For future reference, please post in the correct forum and use descriptive titles if you actually want support. Yours is not a support request that we can help you with here, or a support request.)
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    Re: Netzero

    All we could find about netzero is an internet provider. The first post does not make any sense. I'm closing here.
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