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Thread: Problem Mounting HDD on Linux Desktop 13.10

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    Problem Mounting HDD on Linux Desktop 13.10

    Hey guys, I've only just installed Linux 13.10 today, and I'm brand new to the OS. I keep getting a problem with my secondary HDD.

    The facts:
    128GB SSD Partition
    Windows on 60GB
    Linux on 30GB
    3GB spare for w/e.

    I then have a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue dynamic HDD, partitioned into 3 main sections (but they're a bit split up due to a repartitioning issue - see photo)

    The 'Stuff' partition I can access from Linux, but the 'Games' and 'Spare' partitions give me this message every time I try and mount:

    Error mounting system-managed device /dev/sdb2: Command-line `mount "/mnt/622CFFFC2CFFC8D5"' exited with non-zero exit status 12: Failed to read last sector (590368767): Invalid argument
    HINTS: Either the volume is a RAID/LDM but it wasn't setup yet,
    or it was not setup correctly (e.g. by not using mdadm --build ...),
    or a wrong device is tried to be mounted,
    or the partition table is corrupt (partition is smaller than NTFS),
    or the NTFS boot sector is corrupt (NTFS size is not valid).
    Failed to mount '/dev/sdb2': Invalid argument
    The device '/dev/sdb2' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.
    Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a
    partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?
    Being a complete newbies, I have no idea what to do, can you help?

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    Re: Problem Mounting HDD on Linux Desktop 13.10


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