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Thread: Steam crashes randomly

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    Question Steam crashes randomly

    Since the upgrade to Saucy, Steam has been very uncooperative. It invariably crashes but the circumstances vary slightly (they all yield a segfault).

    Circumstance 1: Crash on open. It gets to the "Connecting to Steam account [name]" then disappears and the little arrow on the launcher disappears.
    Circumstance 2: Crash on installing a game. Attempting to install a game crashes when the first dialog box after clicking the "Install" button appears.
    Circumstance 3: Crash on clicking UI element. Certain UI elements, notably the Settings dialog, crashes Steam.

    Here is the console output from an example of circumstance 3. Steam crashed when I clicked Check for Steam Client Updates in the Steam menu.

    This is a clean new installation not an upgrade from Raring. Is there a fix for this or should I take it up with Valve?

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    Re: Steam crashes randomly

    I have the same problems, it's quite annoying.

    Everything else is working fine though.

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    Re: Steam crashes randomly

    Latest patch is about fixing crashing on Linux, you could try now.

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