I have a question I hope I can get help with.

I am studying for an accounting certification and one of the best ways of preparing the exams is going through the past and sample exams. Unfortunately during the year a significant amount of the stuff in those exams has not yet been covered. It's better to practice the questions following the syllabus and it's difficult and time consuming searching for the questions that refer to each chapter in the syllabus.

I was thinking about reorganising the questions and answers by chapter and year they appeared in the exam. The documents have been uploaded online in pdf form and I have no problem converting them to other formats such as doc, rtf or html, to ease the reorganising process. Copying and pasting each question and answer is extremely time consuming and also trying to do that I have lost some info. I was wondering whether there might be a way of creating sections and label them with the chapter and year they belong to, and some how automatise the process of reorganising everything so that I can process the 15 papers I have by subject without losing info and without spending a bunch of time doing it.

Any ideas about this?

Ps: I'm fairly at ease working with computers in both linux/ubuntu and windows and I would be very grateful for the help