I have a Toshiba Tecra 8200 laptop, which has a Trident-Cyberblade/XP GPU and an Orinoco WiFi card.
From what I have researched, in Ubuntu I need to enable & install "linux-backports-modules-generic" as first step, then either install the packages or build them from source myself. /etc/apt/sources.list has raring-backports enabled, but my attempts to install or find in synaptic the backport-modules come up empty-handed.

Q1. How do I install these two proprietary drivers in Raring? If Backports, how do I get that set enabled + installed?
Q2. If Backports is suggested, what do ı do after the install? Is it compile from source or a binary?
Q3. The installed flavor is Lubuntu. That should not be related to why Backports does not install, AFAIK.