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Thread: Auto-Mounting Partitions, Power Management and Indicator Applets

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    Exclamation Auto-Mounting Partitions, Power Management and Indicator Applets

    Hello Ubuntu Community!

    I've recently made the switch, replacing my Windows 7 installation with Lubuntu 13.10 (x64) - after making a few modifications and customizations, I can say I am very pleased with this sytem! However, I have come across a few issues with the system that I can't seem to find a solution to.

    Issue #1 - When partitions are automatically mounted on login, authentication is required (SOLVED):

    I have set two partitions to auto-mount upon login, as they are depended on by both my music manager (Clementine) and Steam (I have my steam directory installed on another hard drive). However, I am required to input my password after I've logged in to allow the automatic mount to take place. This is a small inconvenience, but one that I hope has a simple fix.

    Quote Originally Posted by vasa1 View Post
    See if this helps: although things may have changed since then.

    Issue #2 - Xfce Power Manager doesn't do anything (SOLVED):

    Lubuntu comes with Xfce Power Manager as the default power management application. It automatically starts up - I can see it in the task manager. However, I have set my displays not to go to sleep ever, but they do. The settings I have set withing the power manager are ignored/do not work, even though the service is running.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Reid View Post
    However, just by checking the box labelled "monitor power management control" within xfce power management, my issue has been resolved. My screens haven't gone to sleep at all, after being left for three hours. They used to go to sleep every 15 minutes or so.

    Issue #3 - Indicator Applets (SOLVED):

    The indicator applet panel item does not seem to change it's background colour to the colour of my panel - see here (bottom right):

    Is there a way to either make the background to the indicator applet transparent or change the colour manually?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis N View Post
    To be sure everything changes properly, you need to keep the theme (under the wigets tab) as "Lubuntu default"
    (i.e. themes cause this issue)


    Thanks for your support everyone!

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