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Thread: Laptop wont switch back on

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    Exclamation Laptop wont switch back on

    I was just browsing though fb on chromium when i noticed the laptop had nearly drained out. I connected it to power and continued to use it for approximately 5 minutes. Then it just switched off suddenly. No warnings. Absolutely nothing. Now it wont even power back on. I press the power button and nothing happens. No light blinking, no fan running, nothing. Trying to find a solution for the last hour and a half. No luck
    Someone please help me. The laptop is not even 2 months old so i doubt its a hardware failure.

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    Re: Laptop wont switch back on

    Check you power adapter. Some of them have an LED to show they are getting AC. Check all the connections to and from the power adapter.
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    Re: Laptop wont switch back on

    Take a voltmeter and measure the voltage coming out of the connector--it should match to voltage printed on the power brick--typically 12VDC to 19VDC.

    When a battery is drained and you are also running the computer, that puts the maximum current drain on the power supply. It has to simultaneously charge the battery and keep power to the computer so it can keep rendering cat videos. Even though the computer is 2 months old, your laptop may be suffering from an early death--bathtub failure.

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