I've been trying to figure this out for a few days w/o success

The "flashback (no effects)" session works perfectly in both Ubuntu and Edubuntu, which makes sense since the Edubuntu devs need to support "flashback" for their LTSP project. But installing that session in Ubuntu GNOME results in an unusable desktop.

The menus and windows just don't react in even a remotely normal way, I'll post some screenshots:

Screenshot from 2013-10-26 12:49:14.jpgScreenshot from 2013-10-26 12:49:38.jpgScreenshot from 2013-10-26 12:50:06.jpgScreenshot from 2013-10-26 12:51:01.jpg

I'm really at a loss here so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, I have tried a fresh user profile with no success.