Hi everyone,

i am student of computer science, and have learned the basic of programming.
I have been working for 1 year on following language and have beginners understanding of them.
C++(25%), VB/C#(40%), Java(40%), PHP(50%), Javascript(20%), Jquery(20%), XML(1.00%), SQL(30%)
That's how much i know about the language if rated out of 100%, estimately!

As recently i started my journey to convert from windows user to Linux Ubuntu 5 days ago. I started to gain interest in developing for Linux based application, for sake of knowledge and fun.

For web part its straight forward to get lampp installed and get going, but for desktop apps, i'm not sure what language to start with.
Please suggest me based on the following criteria, what will suit better. Learning curve is not an issue, i can start from base if new language is purposed.
Contenders are: C++, Java & Python

Python: i searched a lot of java VS python and most of the ppl choose python BCOZ ITS EASY & LESS CODE.
I Don't care for more lines of code then python's one line=> print "hello world", so besides that, none of the posters mentioned why its better then java.

I'm looking for 1 language and 1 platform/tool-set i.e(python+quickly) or (c++ & UbuntuGDK) for non-commercial & commercial apps, with NO paid license from the tools i use.
I read pyGT or something don't remember, the problem with that was the apps created through that were free for non-commercial use and paid license for commercial.
**I will be making non-commercial apps, but i don't want to be limited for a paid license for my app if at some point i want to sell an app.

And if all of that is not available in free license & 1 platform/tool-set, and i had to choose 2 platform/tools, then please suggest some easier transition, i won't want to learn 2 languages for different consumers and 2 platform/tools. Try to make it relevant to only 1 language & 2 platforms/tool if possible. If not possible, Then my luck, suggest me what i can do then.

I am interested in GUI apps like Variety wallpaper changer, which is made in python, which can interact with online servers/APIs and fetch the info on desktop.
I liked that idea, as i'm new in development, such thing fascinates me. And there might be some point where my desktop app will interact with website for authentication/app registration or downloads of products etc.

A GUI based platform that could do out of box everything, if possible. like bash scripts, system calls, web services, and a Good looking GUI, this is probably most important. No OpenGL type hand codded GUI, that would be a overkill for me

Python is slow in speed: c > c++ > java > python. Don't know how much that would effect.

Sorry for my noobiness, please help me on this.