Is it wise for an absolute beginner to use Elementary Luna over the standard Ubuntu 13.10? What would be the risks/downsides?

I'm a very basic user, so I don't need many advanced features. What I value most is a pleasing, minimalist design that's responsive, intuitive, and generally fun to use (i.e., the exact opposite of Windows 8). I don't know much about Linux, or the differences between the various distros, so I need some very basic advice. My biggest concerns are:
- I need an email client that supports iCloud (email, calendar, contacts).
- I need a music player that I can sync with my iPhone and iPad.

I have my media files saved to an external HDD, which I also access via iTunes/Windows 8. Ideally, I'd like to point the music program to this drive/folder so that I don't have to manage two separate music libraries. Can this be done in Luna?

Also, how do I configure my keyboard with Ubuntu/Luna? I currently have Ubuntu 13.10 installed, and various buttons on my keyboard don't work. For instance, FN + F keys don't work, so I cannot adjust monitor brightness, volume, etc., which is very annoying. Any suggestions? My keyboard is a Razer Deathstalker and my monitor is an Asus MX279H.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!