I think it is rather ambitious. Maybe you could ask Rockstar (the company that produces the GTA series) that they'll give the source code of the earlier GTAs, so that a linux compatible version of it can be created. But that's still a long shot.

I don't think that video game makers are very interested in making games compatible for other operating systems. And even if they were, I think they would be more interested in Mac OS or whatever apple calls it nowadays.

I certainly wouldn't begrudge the Linux community their games, I would really applaud game makers if they'd cater to you guys. However for me personally, I don't really care. I have windows for things like video games, downloading torrents and stuff, and I use Ubuntu for all the cool geeky things like learning programming languages, doing mathematical calculations, etc. If you really want to profit from this age of computer technology, I think you need both Windows and Linux.