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Thread: Restore /usr/share/fonts on 10.04?

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    Restore /usr/share/fonts on 10.04?

    I did something extremely stupid.
    I'm currently working on a 10.04 system (work-related), and since I was missing some fonts I decided to simply copy some over from my own, 12.10 system. I ran

    cp -R <12.10 root>/usr/share/fonts/truetype/* /usr/share/fonts/truetype/
    Immediately, terminal and window header fonts got completely messed up, although chromium still shows everything correctly, as does nautilus.
    How can I restore this directory? Is there anything else I have do afterwards?

    Thanks a bunch,

    For grins and giggles, here's how it looks:

    Someone told me to run
    sudo fc-cache -fv
    , here's the output from that:
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    Re: Restore /usr/share/fonts on 10.04?

    Just want to add how this was resolved: Simply restarting X using
    gnome-session-save --force-logout
    (from an X terminal), next login everything was Ok again.

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